Monday, December 27, 2010

Vegas - Barefoot (Casinos and Outlet Shopping)

Here are 2 pics of me playing the slots barefoot in Vegas.  This was at the Sahara Casino.  All the casinos are carpeted...feels so great on the soles.  No issues from anyone.  As you can imagine there are a billion cameras everywhere in the casinos as well as one made any comments or asked me to leave.

Just about to enter the Excaliber Casino...barefooted.

At the Premium Outlet Mall - Grand Central Pkwy - near Freemont Street area and the "old part" of Vegas.  Good shopping - outdoor setting.  No issues in any store here.
I found Vegas to be extremely barefoot friendly.
Anyone else visit Vegas?  Did you have the same experience?

Barefoot (snowfooting) in the Park

Walking through the park grabbed a lot of attention - curious more then anything.
The fluffy white snow felt great underfoot and there was a nice trail to walk and follow along.  It was much better then the city sidewalks with all the road salt they use.
Now I know what "dogs" feel like. 

Barefoot at Starbucks

I can honestly say that no matter what Starbucks I go to or have visited on holidays, I have been able to go barefoot.  I guess I can say Starbucks is "barefoot friendly".
Has anyone else been barefoot to Starbucks?
Any problems or discrimination?  If so, where were they?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Wishes & Winter Barefooting

I wanted to say ....
"Merry Christmas"
to all those that stopped by to read my blog. 
I hope it allows some people out there to understand why I like to barefoot and inspire others to try barefooting.  It is comfortable, fun and good for the body.  There are many blogs out there to educate you on the benefits of barefooting...I want to share with you places and experiences I have had. I want to put your mind at ease that living barefoot in our world is not easy or accepted.  Overcoming your own fears of leaving your shoes at home is the first step.  Maybe for many of you 2011 will mark the year you leave your shoes at home.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. 
Best wishes for a sucessful and hopefully shoeless 2011.

Christmas tress shopping barefooted, of course.

At the Shoppers Drug Mart, barefooted.

Walking barefooted downtown...the road salt is horrible.  Now I know how the dogs feel.  My feet have toughened to it...but I do avoid it at all costs.  It is nasty.

My tough winter soles - appox 3 hrs walking downtown.

Seeing the Christmas lights, barefooted.  Did a 3 km walk around downtown.  The only way to see the Christmas lights!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Urban Barefooting - My blog starts in Las Vegas November 2010 (*new pics added)

Urban barefooting....why?

It's simple, I am a city dweller and I live in an urban environment...and love to do it barefoot, free of shoes.  It is comfortable, natural and liberating.

I hope I can share my experiences, encounters, wins and loses while barefoot in the "urban jungle".  I love to travel and will share my barefoot travel experiences.

There are so many places to explore and visit in the urban setting and doing it barefoot is awesome.

I decided to start up my blog again to encourgae those who like to feel free and comfortable, trying to walk barefoot in public, in the city is not difficult nor is it wrong.  Have fun.  Enjoy it and experience some new feelings.

This pic above was taken this past November in Las Vegas - along Las Vegas Blvd.  The Paris Hotel is behind me and to my right is the Bellagio Hotel.  I have been to Vegas 5 times barefoot and find it a very barefoot friendly place to visit - especially with all the high end hotels and casinos.  Never been hasseled in Las Vegas.  Anyone have a different experience to share?

This particular night, Las Vegas was experiencing a cold spell and it was 32 degrees ( 0 celcius) - not bad at all...considering I am a Canadian barefooter and we had snow back home when I left.  Lots of walking in Vegas...usually means dirty soles as well.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  If you have pics and experience to share, please do so.

Here are some additional barefoot in Vegas pics from a trip in 2007 (Nov). As you can see, you CAN be barefoot in Vegas and have a very enjoyable holiday.

Pic #1:  Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
Great mall...lots of generic stores (not like the other malls with all the very high end shops like Louis Vitton). The floors are awesome.  Smooth polished marble.  Great for barefeet.  My soles are dirty from the walk over from Bellagio to Caesars.

Pic #2  Red Rock Canyon
On the last day we rented a car and toured the area.  That took us to Red Rock Canyon.  Great drive. Lots of scenic areas to stop and explore.  Definitely a lot of looks by those I passed along the rocky trails. It was a great day and a lot of fun to explore it barefoot!  A must do for any barefooter.

Pic #3  CVS on Las Vegas Blvd (between Monte Carlo & City Center)
Everytime I am in Vegas, I need to stop by CVS and I have never had any issues being barefooted in the store.  As yoy can see it was a busy barefoot soles definitely show it.

Winter Has Arrived - barefooting in the city!

Well winter has arrived, at least in my part of the world.  Still barefoot however. Snow is really fluffy sand.  For those who have not tried snowfooting, try it at least once...if is so fun.  When you train your feet and dress properly it can be done...walking barefoot in winter!

This is the start to my new urban barefooting blog.